Oh, the solitude of quiet. It is peaceful and eerie all at once. I am sitting here at a cabin in the woods. The only thing I hear is the crows and wind through the trees. I feel water falling on my head from where the trees have gathered the rain from last night and are spreading it throughout the forest. As the wind blows the trees talk to you and give you the precious life sustaining water that we crave. And you may wonder what the trees are saying to you. Listen closely and you can know all things. Would the trees be telling you to stay close or might they be telling you to open your arms and hearts wide and spread the rain drops to the other living organisms surrounding you. As the trees are talking to you, you see overhead the clouds floating through the sky in an utterly beautiful blue sky. Here in the forest all things are possible. Take in the smell of the rain drops on the forest floor. Feel the coolness in the air. Smile at the moss growing on that tree so perfectly but imperfect at the same time. Wonder where the animals may be playing on the forest floor. Are they looking for food, sunning themselves, scampering up that pine or elm trees? Or maybe they are sitting under that rhododendron bush keeping dry. Become one with the forest. The forest will become one with you and enclose you in her protection. Escape! Listen to what she is trying to tell you. The birds and the fluffy clouds in the blue sky and the solitude. What do you feel? What do you sense? What do you see? What is your heart and soul whispering to you?