Kim Holden is a expert in how to de-stress holistically. She is also a sincere, inspiring and motivating teacher. I highly recommend her class for anyone who is tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and who wants easy and natural solutions for a happy and healthy life. Thanks, Kim!

—Vicki Lewis, business coach

The experiential component to these coaching sessions was really refreshing and greatly enhanced learning. Being in the company of other women was delightful!

—Tina Haynes, Music Therapist

I loved, loved, loved the class I attended a couple of weeks ago.

—Meghan Meredith, Nutrition Coach

I loved the Holistic De-Stress Class by Dr. Kim Holden.  I learned to recognize stress in myself, and several ways to reduce my own stress. It was a very informative class. The yoga part was my favorite, but I learned something from each class.

—Tracey Carsto

Dr. Kim Holden has been very instrumental in changes I’ve made in my life over the past few years. It began with me taking her “De-stressing Holistically” class. In those four weeks, I learned so many tools to help me shift my stress and transform how I handle my problems. Learning things about my body helped so much and I especially enjoyed the part about color therapy. She is very knowledgeable and a great inspiration!

—Tanya K. Wilson