I want to change, but how?

Feeling tired, stressed, or just plain “blah”? Overwhelmed and wondering how to make that healthy change you’re craving? You’re oh-so willing, and interested in gentle, holistic methods, but perhaps unsure where to begin or how to begin? If so, I can help you find your path to peace. Here in Middle Tennessee there is a way to re-gain hope, empowerment, and strength. A chance for re-claiming your life and renewing your passions lies within reach.

What Holistic Connection can do for you

Expert caring and compassion

My years as a nurse and veteran’s advocate blend with a longtime personal passion for helping others enrich their lives and de-stress naturally.

A bridge to better health

Rediscovering your best health is a learning process. I’ll connect you with tools and methods you can easily incorporate into your day to create ongoing benefit.

The real YOU rejuvenated

Together we’ll take simple steps as I guide and encourage you through the stuck places into renewed clarity and a rebirth of vitality and mind-body wholeness.

We'll make a great team if ...

You want to like how you feel

You’d love to get up in the morning with a new spring in your step? I can help you move beyond your body’s cycles of low energy and lack of ease.

You enjoy the idea of natural paths to health

Guiding you through the many beautiful options for wellness is my expertise. My professional experience and love of Nature’s gifts can help you choose remedies and practices that work for you.

You need a friend to see your potential

If you struggle with creating the positive changes you dream of, I’ll be that person alongside you who listens, sees your strengths and offers no-nonsense insights to help you move forward.

What is a Nurse Coach?

A nurse coach is a registered nurse who helps clients overcome challenges and make beneficial changes in their lives. It’s a great joy for me to help teach people how to achieve better, long-lasting wellness and to help those with chronic illness find ways to new levels of health. My goal is to empower you, and the whole process is in your hands as we walk together toward new choices that will impact your health in positive ways.

About Kim Holden

Hi, I’m Kim Holden, a farm girl who is down to earth, loves nature and animals, and a “tell you like it is” kind of person. With my strong background in both nursing and holistic health, I have a passion for helping others bridge across these modalities, so I started Holistic Connection.

Staying healthy is a lifelong learning experience and I’d love to provide you with tools that you can use in your personal life and professional life, holistic means to reduce your stress and discover great health.

I understand what it’s like to struggle with making changes and trying to pinpoint what you want to do and why. I spend time with each person to learn more about them and clarify their goals. Then we work together to look at simple steps to make these changes and what other connections can help. [Read more…]

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