Worry: Does It Do Us Any Good?

I have been thinking a lot about worry and whether it really does me any good. As some of you know I am a nurse and I do not worry about finding a job because after all I do have RN behind my name and 27+ years of experience. These times of ours should make me worry. What with a crazy virus called COVID-19, killer bees (are they still a thing), and murder hornets on the way from God knows where but I honestly do not worry about those things. I worry more about the planet, but Mother Nature does have a way of rectifying what is wrong with her. Maybe that is where the murder hornets come in…LOL.

I honestly do not know why I worry. I have always been able to make ends meet and have recovered from some devastating blows in my life. Becoming a widow at 38 and then marrying a jerk who left me 2 weeks before I was to defend my doctoral proposal, then the loss of both my parents one while I was in my doctoral program, the other while I was at my AHNA conference and found out about that in the middle of the night and had to drive home by myself 8 hours…I must say that resiliency is one of my strong suits.

No, I worry over the small things like why I feel like I must hustle for a job. Why do I feel like I have to have a job! Why cannot I just STOP and work for myself and BELIEVE in myself. Believe that everything is going to work out with my business. Why do I feel like I have to hire one coach after another to get me to where I need to be if I CANNOT even stop and do what I need to do? Why do I worry that in my programs with these coaches that I am SOOO far behind where everyone else may be? Is that worry or comparing myself to everyone else? And if it is comparing myself then why do I do it? Is it insecurity, fear, lack of self-confidence, or what? And if it is any or all these how to I overcome them.

People say “it’s a mindset” issue. But is it really this? I know that I am just as good if not better than some of these folks. I do not just have 4 freaking degrees plus like 5 certifications (the alphabet soup as a friend calls it behind my name). I do not brag about that. It is something I am eternally grateful for and immensely proud of myself for accomplishing. So why is it that I compare/worry. I sometimes feel that I am not good enough.

But folks we are all GOOD enough. Good enough in our own way. Some of us may have that alphabet soup, some of us may not. But we all have our own gifts to give to each other. And in this time of CRAZINESS, we need to remember that we are good enough and find our own gifts.  The Bible says we have all talents/gifts. Sometimes I wonder what mine are, but I do know that I am a teacher and giver. So, what might yours be?

All this to say worry does not do any of us any good. Sometimes it makes us crazy and depressed. So, if you must go there, journal about why you may worry and try and do something about that. I, myself, am doing something about that now by writing this post. And will spend tomorrow doing a few business-y things. Friends be still and listen. Listen to yourself. Your body always tells you what it needs, we just must listen to it.

Peace and love my friends.