I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what stresses me out. Yes, I know, me the “stress coach” and “stress”. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong! Just because I know ways to help me de-stress doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed. I have a dear friend that always tells me that “I’m a stressed-out person” and “you’re the stress coach.” I tell her I know. But stress happens to everyone. Yes, my goal is to help one learn to deal with their triggers.

I took a trip this past weekend to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and if anyone has ever been to this area knows that there is LOTS of traffic. And of course, I had to come on a particularly busy weekend. During my trip, I realized that traffic is one of my “triggers.” I do not like green eggs and ham aka traffic. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am. And no Dr. Seuss I am not going to try them but then if I want to travel or just to go anywhere, I must deal with traffic. I also discovered (rediscovered) what else comes with the traffic is people, tons of people. People who can be rude; people who don’t pay attention; people who well just people. Sometimes I think I just need to become a hermit and not have to deal with people which means I would not have to deal with traffic. Becoming a hermit is appealing at times, but I also know me, and I am very much a people person. That is why I do what I do but then if I became a hermit I would miss out on the people interaction and that’s why I also do getaways is to decompartmentalize being around people all the time or I stay home and do nothing for a weekend.

So, you may be wondering why I chose to write about traffic. I believe we all have trigger points or buttons if you’d rather call it that. These triggers affect each of us differently and can be from different situations, people, etc. Triggers take away my peace and joy which I do not like for this to happen. I want to be calm when I am in my “traffic trigger.” I have become aware that traffic and the people that goes with it is one of my triggers.

If you’d like to have that awareness of what some of your triggers are and how to change your perception and bring the calm, peace, joy back into your life then let’s have a discussion. You can go to my “work with me” section or find me on Facebook. Just remember that your “triggers” do not have to run your life.