The Phoenix

I just finished watching the newest Maleficent movie and was thinking of what she becomes in the movie. According to Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates (born again). The Phoenix is associated with the sun and obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. I have always been fascinated by the Phoenix and hence it being a part of my logo.

I thought about how Maleficent died in the movie and arose as the Phoenix with the tears from Aurora. She was born anew and brought about new life. She showed great courage and foresight in helping the two kingdoms become one and by giving new life to not only the kingdoms but also to her “kind” (the Dark Fae) as well.

Now you may be asking why I am writing this blog post. It comes to mind that this “craziness” that is happening in the world today with the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing about new life. The WORLD has “died” and is arising from its ashes. What will the new world look like? Everyone talks about the new normal that will be brought about by this pandemic. Are we as humans going to arise from the ashes? I believe we will and maybe to the better, maybe to the worse. That is not for us to say. I believe we will come out of this with a better understanding of ourselves. Maybe even a better understanding of the world.

I cannot discredit that this is unnerving times in our lives. But have we as humans become too complacent? Very possibly so. Some have said what is happening now is a wake-up call. I believe Mother Nature has given us several wake-up calls over the years. Are we not listening or are we and just do not want to hear what she is having to say? I talked about in my last blog posting about worry and why it does us no good to worry. Mother Nature always finds a way to heal herself.

We will arise from the ashes. Maybe not like the Phoenix, but we will arise. Conceivably better for it.