Have you ever wondered why at the season changes we undergo certain emotions? My good friend and I were talking about this yesterday. And I began to think about why.

Winter is the time for us to go inwards and to contemplate what the prior seasons have given us. Ever wonder why the animals gather their winter storage and hibernate? It allows them time to grow and rest. I had never thought about it but that’s what we do as humans and maybe why Seasonal Affective Disorder gets everyone during the winter months. In the past we did hibernate and become one with ourselves again. We refocus!

Spring is that time of year that everything begins to bloom. We begin to bloom into ourselves. We spent the winter renewing ourselves and now it is time for us to begin to step fully into who we want to be. The animals are bringing forth their young and the trees and flowers are beginning to bud. Step forward!

Summer, oh lovely summer. Most everyone loves the sunshine and warmer days. It is the time where nature has fully blossomed and is in the height of its fullness. We, like nature, step into our full strength and loveliness. Blossomed!

Autumn, beautiful fall. My very favorite time of the year. It is that time of the year that we begin to sit back and think about what has been accomplished. It is also the time of year that we shed the old to get ready for the new in the spring after our long winter nap. Shedding!