It’s odd but the old saying that every part of the country is different is very true. I have friends that live in all areas of the United States and even across the world. In areas such as the Orient and our African neighbors using natural remedies is commonplace. Here in the United States different parts of the country will use natural remedies more than others. The West including the Northwest and Southwest are more friendly about using natural remedies such as herbs and essential oils than here in the South where I live. The good old South, she can be forgiving and not forgiving all at the same time. Many areas of the South still use natural remedies for maladies of all kinds. Then other areas look at using natural remedies such as essential oils as voodoo or witchcraft.

I’d like to dispel this myth. Essential oils can be used for many purposes and over the last few years have made a “comeback.” This can be seen in the number of aromatherapy diffusers and oils being sold in stores that you would not normally think of them being in. Also, by the number of people selling essential oils from different companies.

Let me give you a little background as to why essential oils are not quack as in the title to this blog post. Essential oils can help with so much. I blended some essential oils and gave to my boss for her sister’s skin issues and it cleared them right up. My sister who was not a believer used an essential oil blend I had done for arthritis. She called me later the day she first used it and said “Oh my gosh, this stuff really does work.” She is now a believer. Even for those who thought all this “hype” was a bunch of quack have become believers.

Using essential oils can help with many maladies. Most people think using essential oils can only be done through aromatherapy diffusers but as shown above they can be blended and used as a roll on, lotion, spray, etc.  Using essential oils can be tricky because there are certain oils that should not be used on the skin without a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. If you have any questions always consult with a clinical aromatherapist.

Essential oils are not “quack” medicine. It is an alternative treatment that many people find useful. If you have any questions or would like to know more of how essential oils can help you, please go to the work with me page and complete the form. I’d love to tell you more.