I just got back from a few days in the Phoenix area. I must say the desert can be beautiful.  Upon arriving in Phoenix all I could see was BROWN.  Living in Tennessee it was definitely a change from our lush green at this time of the year.  And as I write this post the marvel of rain and thunder is happening outside my door.  I did not like the brown that I saw but the longer I was there the more color began to “pop up”.  As in the yellow of the trees in bloom (I still can’t figure out the type trees they were) or the little purple flower on some plant growing along the road.  The Saguaro cactus, which Arizona is know for, are absolutely phenomenal.  To see how large they can get without seeming to topple over is astounding.  They were not quite in full bloom but were beginning and were beautiful.

While there I spent time in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Now I must say that the Grand Canyon is as beautiful and serene as people say it is.  The majesty of the Grand Canyon was breathtaking.  I began to tear up as I viewed this majestic piece of God’s handiwork.  Just to think about the many years it took to create this piece of nature was almost more than a person can handle.  Beautiful is not the best word for this sight but will do when you can’t begin to describe the majesty.  Sedona was beautiful in its on right.  The beautiful red rocks of the area were unique.  Sedona definitely is a mecca for spirituality just by the beauty of it.  I did not get to feel any of the “vortex’s” that it is known for; however, I really believe there are those in and around my area, now that I know what I am looking for.

So even though I did not like the brown and even the Grand Canyon and Sedona were brown to a degree, the area was breathtaking.  I was glad to get back to the green grass of Middle Tennessee.  You can find beauty in nature anywhere you go.  You don’t have to look to hard.  Think about those little things that Mother Nature gives us.  She shows us her beauty all around and all we have to do is open our eyes and look.  So I challenge you next time you are feeling down or just not yourself take a look at what Mother Nature has in store.